Hello and thanks for visiting our website! My name is Tom Hager and I am the co-Founder of our website, along with my friend and former co-worker, Jake Spicer.

We worked together for 16 months at the Colorado Rockies, but the story of this website goes back much farther than that...

I was raised Catholic and grew up as an aspiring journalist in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Although I'm more non-denominational now, I still attend Catholic mass, and I'm still a journalist. Thanks to the help of readers like you, I think I can take the "aspiring" off my job title.

My career eventually took me to Pullman, Washington, where I changed as a human being. During my four years covering the Washington State University football team I made some mistakes in my life that shook me to my core, but those experiences brought me closer to God. The Bible is filled with stories of broken people who have made made mistakes in their past and became some of God's most passionate disciples. I think I'm no different.

In January of 2017 I moved to Denver, where I was fortunate enough to meet Jake. We started working for the Rockies on the same day, and from that first day our relationship grew. He was a quicker learner than me, and even though I thought we were competing with each other, he decided to try and catch me up with him during our lunch breaks together.

I came up with the idea for the website in February of 2018, and even though I left the Rockies in April, I'm honored to still call Jake my co-worker. I am now moving back to Green Bay, a few miles down the road from Lambeau Field, and I am excited to continue our ministry there.

Special thanks to: My parents, my sister Rachael, Jake, and my best friend Bobby