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If we would have advanced farther in the tournament, maybe my draft stock wouldn't have fallen so low. But since I decided to come back, I've tried to make the most of my time here.

I graduated halfway through my senior year, which has allowed me to focus solely on baseball and my faith. I love coming to the ballpark early, especially on Sundays just as the sun is coming up, and I just like to sit here at our stadium and get in the Word.

But I think one of the most important things we can do as Christians is to share our faith with others, and being a leader on this team has helped open that door for me. We do a prayer circle as a team before the game, and now I'm actively involved in the FCA branch on our campus. Because I don’t have any classes throughout the day I felt as if God was calling me to do something more productive than sitting around waiting for practice to start.

I was presented with an opportunity to come on staff with FCA, and because that group had already had such a huge impact on my walk with God I felt as though I needed others to experience Jesus through FCA the way that I did. Now I’m what people in ministry call a “professional Christian” but really I just want others to know Jesus the way I’ve come to known Him.

I think one of the reasons I'm so passionate about sharing my faith is because I've already seen what can happen when you put yourself out there. I shared my testimony on Instagram last year, and the response was completely unexpected. I had people message me on the app - people I had never even met or heard of before - who told me they were inspired by my story. Sometimes you don't really know the impact you have on someone, and I want to make sure I never waste the opportunity to help somebody overcome some struggles.

I hope I've made a similar impact with some of our underclassmen, because I've gone through some of the same struggles that they're facing right now. We have 18 hitters on our roster right now, and only 9 of them get to be in the lineup at one time, which means half of our hitters - who could literally start at almost any other program in the country - are sitting on our bench. And as someone who was once playing on the jv roster in high school, I know what it's like.

But if success came to us too quickly or easily, maybe we wouldn't have the appreciation for it later on.


Our team is once again one of the top teams in the country, and we are determined to come home with a National Championship this time around. I could tell you that we won't settle for anything less, but there's really no guarantees in this game. All we're going to do is play hard and have fun, and see where God takes us. That goes for life outside of baseball too.

But we're really just taking it one game, one at-bat, and one pitch at a time. It’s cliche, but if you want to win championships, that's what you have to do. We don’t go into weekends trying to win three games in one swing, we take it one game at a time.

As for my draft stock, I'm not sure what will happen there either. These days I'm more focused on glorifying God than anything else.

If I'm still here, it means God has me here at Stanford for a reason.

I’ve heard from other guys what the journey in the big leagues can be like. I even got to meet with Mark Appel, a former #1 overall pick from Stanford, who never got to make it to the major leagues. But Mark came and visited with our FCA group here, and showed that life is about a lot more than being a major league baseball player.

I can’t promise that I’ll make it to the big leagues, but I can promise that I’ll try to glorify God on my way there.

Go Card!

Brandon Wulff #29

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