I still remember the early morning workouts as if they were yesterday.

Waking up to the alarm at 4 a.m. and eating breakfast by 4:30, when my parents would drive me 30 minutes away to work out with a trainer. By the time our 90-minute session was over at 6:30, it was still dark outside.

That's when my parents, the most selfless people you'll ever meet, would pick me up again and drive another 30 minutes back to our house so I could grab another quick shower and a bite to eat before school would start.

Then after classes it would be off to football practice, where I would do another workout. It was exhausting, but given the circumstances I was in, I didn't have much of a choice.

My name is Camryn Bynum and I play cornerback for the California Golden Bears. I have my sights set on playing in the NFL when my college career is over, but when I was a sophomore in high school, I had yet to receive a single scholarship offer. Of course, there was a simple explanation for that - I hadn’t played a single down of high school varsity football.

God gave me big dreams of playing college football on the biggest stage, but He didn't just give me what I wanted right away. And looking back now, I'm so happy I had to earn my scholarship the hard way. In doing so, I learned what hard work really looks like.

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Thomas Hager