At a little past 8 a.m. last January, I woke up to Dru Brown shaking me out of bed.

He told me a missile was heading towards us, and we needed to take shelter. This wasn’t a dream, this was real life, and the notification on Dru’s phone was proof.


We desperately ran out of our apartment, but I knew that if a nuclear bomb was heading towards Oahu, this was probably going to be the last day of my life. So I did what a lot of people would do...I called my parents to tell them I love them.

They didn’t answer the phone, so I left a message telling them how I feel about them. I called my brother to tell him the same thing.

Minutes later we got a notification that the news had been a false alert, and there was no missile heading our way, but it served as an important reminder anyway. I needed to tell people how much they mean to me, and more importantly, I needed to let my actions show it.

And that doesn’t just go for people either. I hope my actions show God how much I love Him as well.

Sharing my faith is not always easy for me to do, especially in a football culture where there are a lot of alpha personalities. But there are a lot of us on the team who follow Christ, and I hope that my teammates can see that faith in me. And if you get a message back from me on Twitter, I hope you can see it too.

Aloha in Hawaii isn’t just hello, it’s also goodbye. So even though you might not see me on a field until August, you know where to reach me.

Mahalo and Aloha,

Cole McDonald

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