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I think most people assumed I was going to make it out there for the next against Loyola-Chicago, especially with a rest day in between, but there was just no way. I only played eight minutes and took two shots against Kentucky, but I honestly don't know how I could have played another two seconds out there. If I would have went out there again, I could have completely snapped my foot.

We were a win away from the Final Four, but it didn't matter. If you can't play, you can't play. We ended up losing that game 78-62, and just like that our season was over.

That's not where our story ends though, because we went right back to work. I hit the weight room to rehab my foot, and even now, when nobody is watching me, I'm still in the gym putting up shots.

I'm also working on my faith. I have a Bible app on my phone that gives me daily quotes. If I became the best basketball player in the world, but if I didn’t know who I was playing for, than what is the point?

I've started to talk with people about my faith more now than I have in the past, but I never push it on anyone. If someone wants to ask me a question about it, I would be happy to talk with them. Not at them.

My teammates and I know that nothing in this sport is given to you or guaranteed, so they are putting in the work just like me. If we end up winning one more game this year and we reach the Final Four, it's only because of what we're doing now.

There's one other thing that keeps us motivated during the offseason - you guys. The fans.

If you haven't seen a game yet at Bramlage Coliseum, it's one of the most hostile environments you can imagine. Our fans don't just go there and watch the game; they're a part of it. They look like their putting in as much work in the stands to rattle our opponents as we are on the floor.

And if our fans want us to win that badly, than the least we can do is put in the work now.

What that means for next March, we'll find out soon enough.

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