Josh Love, stand up!

I can still remember the day vividly. It was the final scrimmage of the summer before my redshirt freshman season, and my coach called out my name. He had announced a few names before mine, and when he told us to turn around to the scoreboard, I had a pretty good feeling of what was about to happen. But I couldn't be sure until I actually saw the scoreboard light up.

What I knew for certain, however, was just how much adversity I had faced to get to that point.

My name is Josh Love and I am the starting quarterback at San Jose State. People say you should play for the name on the front of the jersey, and not the back, but when your last name is Love it's a little different. The Bible says love believes in all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. And after what I've overcome in the last couple of years, I know it's true.

When I started my high school career, I never thought I would one day be standing in that group at San Jose State - not because I had anything against the school, but because all of us in that group were walk-ons with no scholarship.

I began playing football at five or six years old, and by the time I was in middle school, I felt like I had a pretty bright future ahead of me playing the game I love. I would attend the 7 vs. 7 circuits during the offseason, and back then our team was destroying everybody. Of course, my teammates had plenty to do with that...I grew up in Southern California, which is loaded with talent, but even for this area my teammates were special.

I thought my path would take a similar route when I started my high school career. Little did I know it at the time, but I would end up playing for six different head coaches over the next seven years.

But as only God can do, He used my adversity to make me a stronger person.

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Thomas Hager