I used to be so mad.

Hood up. Headphones on. And tuned out to what anybody had to say.

Multiple injuries will do that to just about anyone.

First there was the collarbone injury. Then there was the hand injury. Then there was the shoulder injury, and somewhere down the line I started getting frustrated. It felt like one rehab session after another, and as soon as I was starting to get healthy again, something else would happen. I had realized that football is a lot about how much you're willing to put yourself through, and I was going through a lot.

When I committed to play at USC, I felt like I had unlimited potential. There had been a steady line of great receivers to walk through these doors, and I felt like I had a chance to set the bar even higher.

Within two years of that day, I had yet to reach my potential, and it was starting to wear on me.

But the thing is, things always turn around, because God is always there with us. That doesn't mean that I'll catch every pass or win every game, but it means that God will either make the path become easier, or He'll make me strong enough to handle it when the path doesn't.

My name is Michael Pittman Jr., and I am a starting receiver at USC. I'm also a Christian, which helped me overcome all my adversities. Before I ever became a potential NFL pick, I was once a backup receiver trying to just stay healthy.

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(Title photo courtesy of USC Athletics)

Thomas Hager