I will never forget the day I decided to move to Boston.


I have now called this place home for three years, but back in the summer of 2016, my wife and I were making one of the bravest decisions of our lives.


Moving here seemed like a crazy idea at the time to me, but my wife has a faith unlike anybody I've ever met. She knew we needed to be here, and even though we had been married for only a few months, I believed in her as much as she believed in God's plan.


I am so glad I listened to her.


At the time I followed her advice, I hadn't become a regular major league player, and I certainly hadn't ever batted .310 in a season. But when you put your faith in God, it's amazing what can happen. Many people would use the word unbelievable to describe God's miracles, but my wife believed in this miracle before I ever envisioned it for myself.


When I got called up to the Red Sox that June, I tried to downplay my wife's expectations. I'm only going to be here two weeks, I would tell her, before they're going to send me back down to the minor leagues.


She wouldn't listen to any of it. And looking back, I'm so thankful.


My home at the time was in Providence, Rhode Island, just down the road from our Triple-A team in Pawtucket. I had a temporary place to live in Boston for my brief stint, but my wife said we need to move to Boston. We can't, I explained, because it's only going to be two weeks. Are we going to drive back and forth from Boston to Pawtucket every day after that? It's too much.


No, she insisted, we have to move. You have to have faith and just move with your faith. So that's exactly what we did. With no idea what the future held, we got our own place to live. Regardless of what happened next, we were now going to be Bostonians.


What happened over those two weeks – and really what has happened over the last three years – is nothing short of miraculous.


In my first game it didn't look like I was going to get an at-bat, but when the game went extra innings, I got my chance. I hit a double to start the 10th inning, and my teammate Xander Bogaerts hit a two-run single to win the game 5-3.


Then in my next game, against the Minnesota Twins, I had one of the best games of my life. I went 4-4 with a double as we won 15-4. I went 0-1 in my third game, only to bounce right back. I went 1-3 against the Orioles, then 3-4 against the Mariners.


In those two weeks with the team I hit .692.


My manager at the time, John Farrell, told me the news I was hoping to hear ever since we made the big move. I was staying in the big leagues with the Red Sox.


It's moments like that when you know the power of God is unbelievable. There is nothing that is impossible for Him.


I called my wife, and she began bursting into tears. Our dream had turned into a reality.


I shouldn't have been surprised my wife had that level of confidence in God's plan. After all, it wasn't the first time we had taken a wild chance that worked out.

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Thomas Hager