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If someone were to ask me why God let this hurricane hit our state, I wouldn't necessarily have an answer. I don't know why this happened. But I think my job isn't to understand God's plan, it's just to try and do the best I can with the path He gave us.

When we spent that night at our basketball facility, one thing I made sure to do was call my mom. Not only does my mom live in Chipley, she is also a pastor at a church she helped start. I am happy to report that both my mom's home and the church are okay.

My mom is a great example of just listening to what God is asking of you. My mom didn't start out as a minister, but she took me to church when I was younger and she helped teach scripture as a youth pastor. As I grew in my faith, so did she, and when I was in high school she decided to become a pastor full time.

It was a pretty late time to make a career change like that, but my mom did what the Lord had compelled her to do. I try do to the same. I don't necessarily mean that God is leading me into ministry, but I just plan on following wherever He leads me.


(Photo courtesy of Florida State Athletics)

My mom attends all my home games to this day, and even makes it out to some of the road games when she can. I always look for her when I take the floor, and she helps keep my mind right before tipoff. Both of my parents always told me to pray the right way and just put everything in God's hands.

But even though my parents laid a great foundation for me, and visit me here pretty regularly, I have to make decisions for myself now. My faith has grown more now than it has before, and it couldn't have come at a better time.

People are curious if things are getting back to normal for the people down here, and for many folks affected by the hurricane, the answer is not at all. Things might not be normal for a long time. But if that comeback against Xavier showed anything, all you have to do is just chip away. One day at a time, one prayer at a time, put God first and everything else will follow.

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